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Paedophile Hunter LIED about having children by stealing public photographs

A woman from Wrexham who posed as a decoy for online paedophile hunting group ‘Huntz 2 Exposure’ has herself been exposed after it came to light that she had herself lied about being pregnant with twins and giving birth.

Ami Jones, Wrexham, admitted to using publicly available photographs from the internet in her elaborate plot to gain access and the trust of others within the already corrupt paedophile hunting group.

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24/06/2018  |  16:19 |  By: Shaun Ashford, SMA Media Group

Ami Jones, Wrexham, stole images of children to pass as her own (Picture: Facebook)

Ami Jones, a former security door supervisor was confronted by the groups leader ‘Matt’ claiming he was in possession of ‘all the evidence’ proving that Ms Jones has stolen photographs of children from publicly available social media accounts and from other sources across the internet.

Ms Jones was a ‘Decoy Trainer’ at the paedophile hunting group and was tasked with the role of training group members in becoming decoys to snare online predators that prey on young children.

A phone call between ‘Matt’ and Ami was published online. During the almost 8 minute phone call, Ami was confronted by ‘Matt’ who wanted answers about why she lied about giving birth to twins and also the death of another child. To both questions, Ms Jones simply replied with, “because I’m a sick b*****d” followed by “I’m a t**t”.

Ami Jones’ role within the group was to train decoys to target men and women through online chat groups, hoping to get somebody who wanted to talk sexual. Posing as children, these decoys would then ask questions such as “what’s a b**w j*b” and “what’s a “p***y” hoping to get a response that would lead to sexual chat.

Speaking to Ms Jones, she told us that, ‘I will admit I did make stuff up yes’ and continued to tell us that, ‘I found it more upsetting that he was looking into everything I’ve put up on social media’

Ms Jones told us that she was staying out of the community because it was “less hassle all round”. When asked how could she protect children and be a credible witness if required within a criminal trial, she responded saying, “Look at Scouse for example he was helping to protect kids and yet he hid his convictions.”

Ami Jones is referring to Michael Terry, who earlier this year was sent to prison after breaching a Sexual Offences Prevention Order which banned him from contact children under 16 or staying overnight at an address where there are children.

Michael Terry was the head of security for paedophile hunting groups

Paedophile hunting groups such as Dark Justice, The Guardian Angels and Huntz 2 Exposure are just a few of more than 100 in operation throughout the County. Questions have been raised for several months on whether groups such as these should even be in existence without any formal training or regulation.

Several groups have previously found sexual predators within their ranks, many holding security or hunter positions within the teams. Groups such as The Guardian Angels and Huntz 2 Exposure who Michael Terry was affiliated with failed to even notice that he was already a convicted sexual offender and listed on the popular UK Database website.

A spokesperson for the National Police Chief’s Council said: “So called paedophile hunters are taking risks they don’t understand and can undermine police investigations. Most importantly, unlike our officers, they have no way of safeguarding child victims.

The increase in these groups is symptomatic of the increasing scale of child sexual abuse that police are dealing with. It reinforces the need for technology companies to do more to prevent offenders using their platforms to prey on children and for children to be educated about healthy relationships and staying safe online.”

‘Matt Huntz / Stones’ and Amy Kidley pictured left are the founders of Huntz 2 Exposure, an online paedophile hunting group that target those who prey on young children.

Amy Kidley and Matt Huntz, Founders of
Huntz 2 Exposure

We approached Huntz 2 Exposure for a comment on the matter but they didn’t respond.

Concerns have been raised surrounding the way in which the group operates recently after one of our reporters, Gemma, joined the group initially wanting to help. After just a short while, things turned sour though when she reported back that the team appeared to be setting people up, asking leading questions, running illegal NHS checks and of course, having a convicted sexual predator within their team.

Amy Kidley, pictured left, spoke to the Daily Mail about the allegations however described them as a load of “c**p”.

Another alleged founder of the group, Becca Boo - real name Rebecca Richmond and who is a registered nurse, said, “we stitched you up” implying that she knew that Gemma was a journalist and simply set her up.

“We stitched you up”…
Is that something you really want to hear from a group that targets so called online predators?