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Attempted ARMED ROBBERY takes place in Aberdare

A male who attempted a brazen and daring robbery armed with a ‘large knife’ has been arrested and remains in police custody. Reports emerged across social media about the robbery as members of the public and employees of the affected store hunted for the suspect.

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18/11/2018  |  23:45 (Updated: 19/11/2018 at 14:25)  |  By: Shaun Ashford, SMA Media Group

Reports have emerged this evening across social media that a masked male attempted a brazen robbery with a “large knife” within the Lifestyle / Spar store in Pant Farm, Aberdare.

Posting on social media, a member of staff explains how the male waved a bag in his [the shop owners] face telling him to ‘empty the money into the bag’.

It is believed that the store owner only handed over a packet of cigarette before the thief escaped. It is believed that more than 10 police vehicles including armed officers were involved in the search and pursuit of the male prior to his arrest.

A South Wales Police spokesperson told us, “Police arrested a 27 year-old man in connection with an attempted armed robbery which occurred at Pant Farm Store in Abderdare at approximately 9.30pm on Sunday, 18 November, 2018. The man was arrested the same evening - he is currently in police custody”.

Anybody with information on this incident is urged to contact South Wales Police on 101.

More to follow.

Attempted armed robbery at local shop, Pant Farm (Image: Google Maps)

CCTV Footage of the daring armed robbery as it unfolds.