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Bringing the Christmas spirit to Fairwater

AM Neil McEvoy is attempting to bring the Christmas spirit to the Fairwater community this year in a way that hasn’t been done for more than 50 years.

In a recent social media post, Neil McEvoy, who now stands as an independent elected Assembly Member, asks the public to help raise funds for the #LightUpFairwater2018 Christmas light project.

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06/11/2018  |  19.15 |  By: Shaun Ashford, SMA Media Group

Independent AM Neil McEvoy (Image: Facebook)

With the hope to light up Fairwater on the 1st December 2018, AM Neil McEvoy has already sucessfully raised £599.00 of the £1000 he claims is needed to bring this community building feature to Fairwater.

Local businesses including The Fairwater [Pub] and Mr Coffi have donated to the cause.

Neighbouring areas such as Radyr and Whitchurch have had Christmas lights for a number of years with Whitchurch in particular receiving thousands of pledges each and every year to keep the festivities returning annually.

AM Neil McEvoy has himself donated £200 of his counsellors allowance.

We have reached out to AM Neil McEvoy for a comment on the #LightupFairwater2018 project but have not yet received a response.

Left to Right: Counsellor Keith Parry, AM Neil McEvoy and Counsellor Lisa Ford

We approached Cardiff Council to enquire to what support could be offered to this particular cause. A spokesperson told us, “There is no financial grant available but support both in terms of road closures, legal Traffic Regulation Orders and equipment. This would normally come at a significant cost to an event organiser, but we do not charge for community events which do not have commercial elements to them”.

When we asked Cardiff Council about the expense for the Christmas decorations throughout the City Centre, a spokesperson told us, “The Christmas offering in the city centre is delivered at little cost to the Council due to increased revenues from the activity sites”.

Could you help bring the Christmas spirit to the Fairwater community? Donations are accepted via the public crowd funding page (Click Here)