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Gemma Cowell - SMA Media Group

Gemma has been with the SMA Media Group and South Wales News Service since January 2018.

Joining our team as an undercover journalist, it wasn’t long until she hit the headlines after completing a special report on the shocking truth of paedophile hunter groups across the UK.

Gemma often works conducts undercover investigations and is known for her thorough approach to any assignment that she is given.

Gemma also covers music festivals, concerts and street parties as a photojournalist, travelling around the UK to share the event worldwide.


Gemma often photographs and films breaking news across the UK and is regularly on the streets across South Wales. Documenting some of the most tragic crime scenes around, Gemma always acts with the utmost respect for the victims and their families giving full consideration to the footage that she captures and of course publishes.


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Have you stopped this journalist?

SMA Media Group and South Wales News Service confirms that Gemma Cowell is a current journalist and ask that she is not obstructed or preventing from carrying out her job.

At all times, our journalist will work within the limits of the law within the country that he is operating within and will obey by any reporting restrictions in place.

Still concerned? If you are still concerned regarding this journalist, please contact our emergency press line on 07391 475 171.

Thank you.