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Welcome to South Wales News Service

South Wales News Service attends the scenes of breaking news and local interests across South Wales as it happens.

We are a team of photojournalists that provide a visual element to both local and national news providers including the Daily Mail, The Mirror and The Sun. We cover a wide range of work including breaking news, local interests, music festivals, sporting events and celebrity photography.

Operating 24-hours a day our team monitor incoming press releases and social media networks constantly and of course, South Wales News Service are able to be commissioned for your story or project.

Have you got a story to tell? Why not get in touch with us today! Just click on our contact page, tell us about your story and we’ll get straight back to you!

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What we offer…

South Wales News Service are proud to offer a wide range of high quality photographic content on demand to local, national and online news providers. Members with accounts are able to download content instantly in order to publish their article with no delays for their client base.

We also provide our own articles on some stories that we attend both on our websites and across social media providing regular updates as they develop.

We are very proud to have a good working relationship with members of the emergency services and key agencies where we receive regular press releases regarding on going incidents.

South Wales News Service also attends local and national events on a regular basis to capture the scenes as it happens live.

We are part of the SMA Media Group | On Scene Photojournalists