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Large police presence following City Centre “fight”

Two men have been arrested following a “fight” near the Hayes, Cardiff that prompted a major police response and a male in hospital.

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25/11/2018  |  13:30 |  By: Shaun Ashford, SMA Media Group

Just hours after the Wales -v- South Africa rugby match came to an end, South Wales Police responded in large numbers to an alleged fight near the Hayes, Cardiff City Centre.

An eye witness who did not want to be named told us, ‘they [Police] came gunning down here, it was all kicking off’. He also explained how a male was ‘fitting on the floor’ before being ‘dragged up the steps’ by South Wales Police.

South Wales Police attended the scene shortly after 9pm. A spokesperson told us:

“South Wales Police were called to reports of a fight in the Hayes at about 9pm last night. Two men aged 20 and 23, have been arrested in connection with the incident and one man is currently in hospital with a head injury.

Anyone with information should contact 101 or Crimestoppers quoting 1800446694.”

More than 20 officers attended the scene of the incident along with the Welsh Ambulance Service.

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Police and Ambulance Service attended the scene (Image: Shaun Ashford)

South Wales Police responded in force for the incident (Image: Shaun Ashford)